VPS Torque Meter

A fellow Cloudbuster asked me to make him a torque meter for Indoor use.  He wanted a maximum of 2 inch-ounces and deflection in a single direction.  We discussed and we thought a dual-use meter might work best.  I plan on designing a mount for this so he can clamp it to a table and wind motors externally.  As it is now, he can put this between the winder and the motor, like the larger Wilder and Tyson outdoor torque meters.

This is just under 3″ overall length, made with an 0.015″ wire, 2.06″ (approximately) under torque, and it weighs less than 2.5 grams.  The dimensions were generated from Herb Kothe’s formula that can be found online.  I will soon have a spreadsheet available in the How-To area to help others calculate what dimensions to use, if they want to make their own.

I might be convinced to make these for others…

That is a KP 10:1 hand held winder for size reference.




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