Welcome to the NEW Volaré Products website!

After all of these years, it is time to move from a hobby site (a site that is a hobby) to something more business-like.  This will be the location for all of my Free Flight activity:  photos, videos, contest announcements, contest results, building progress, and – yes – the selling of Free Flight Supplies via Volaré Products-Shorty’s Basement.  Welcome and onward!

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2 Responses to Welcome to the NEW Volaré Products website!

  1. Darryl Proft says:

    Hey Clay!

    I was thinking a while back about this and your FB post got me thinking again. I’m Caleb’s cub scout leader and thought you might have an idea on how to get some boys involved in your hobby. Do you have anything that would be appropriate for 2nd graders? I usually shell out the dough for a project, but it’s usually wood, screws, and nails. I may be able to convince the parents in spending a reasonable amount if needed. We’ve got 16 boys in our group. We wouldn’t be doing anything on our “electives” list until after February, so I’ve got some time. Let me know if anything stands out.


  2. Bredehoft says:


    Yes, I certainly have some ideas. There are things available for just such situations. Let me gather information and get back with you shortly.


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