Testing the Chambermaid NoCal

I drove up to Potterville, MI today for a short indoor testing session on my Chambermaid NoCal.  It was very stable.  I had this outside in December, but under very limited testing.  With light breezes and very low winds, I couldn’t really test it beyond knowing it would fly reliably.

Today was really limited testing also, but with more power and no wind.  I flew one flight with the 7″x7P prop and didn’t care for the way it zoomed up to the ceiling, so I swapped the prop for a 7″x10P prop, gave it some minor thrust adjustments and got some very stable flights

I put in about 1250 turns on the ~24″ loop of 1/8 rubber and watched it cruise around very smoothly.  Here are a couple photos followed by a video.

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