2015 NEW PRODUCT #2 – 1/32″ Balsa Embryo Wheels

January will see several new products – and  they are coming in a hurry!  We already saw teh Chambermaid NoCal Short Kit – here is Product #2

By request from a customer who primarily flies Indoor – “could you cut your Embryo Wheel kit from 1/32″ Balsa instead of 1/64″ ply?”  Well, surely.  By the way, these are 3/4″ in diameter.

Since these are a bit fragile, you will get “this many” for one price (see picture).  I still recommend cross-laminating them for strength, but they are way lighter than the ply wheels.

$3 for this – find them in the Basement under VPS Laser Cut Stuff.

More to follow!



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