October Work, Continued

It was a busy Sunday, today.  The photo below shows a little of what was going on – that’s about enough laser cutting for 20 short kits, all done today.  Included in that is the first set of production Wisp kits; as soon as I get some graphics done, I will have the Wisp Short Kits on the site – maybe by the end of the week.

Also, I packed half a dozen orders, worked on new plans, and worked on making some stock for sale.

I am very close to two new laser-cut short kits – NoCals this time.  One has been built and proven, the other is new.  I won’t tell you all what they are just yet – maybe in November.

Also, I am working on the 2016 One-Design for the FAC Outdoor Champs.  Work has to be done by January, so, I’ve got to get cracking on that.  And then…I will be starting work on a very successful and proven Greve Racer design; again, a short kit with options to build in one of two versions.

Of course, I have about 15 different planes I want to build over the winter for next year.  I know I won’t get nearly that many built, but you gotta dream big!


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