October Work

It never lets up here.  I’ve been packing orders, restocking supplies, and working on new products.

On the Superior Props side, we are fine tuning the pitch templates and soon will have the best propeller blanks to date.

In the Basement, I’ve restocked many supplies, but many will be happy that Gizmo Geezer Nose Buttons are now back in stock!  These go fast when the serious modelers find out I get a new batch.  I now carry 1.25″ reinforced abrasive discs and mandrels.  These are very reasonably priced.

In addition, I’ve managed to pick up several items from estates.  The first two are Specialty Winders: a Blazhevych 4:1 F1B winder with Torque Meter, and a Wilder 20:1 Winder plus attachable Wilder Torque Meter.  Soon to come, I have two great stooges and many commercial kits at bargain prices.

Also, I am finalizing two kits: the Wisp and the Durham Mystery Plane.  They will both be short kits, but there is a possibility that The Durham might develop into a full kit.  These are nearly ready.

On the drawing board are two new plans: a new Beginner’s Peanut and a new Embryo.  Over the winter, I will be working on the next One-Design for the 2016 Cloudbusters’ FAC Outdoor Contest (we have to plan these nearly two years in advance).
















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