Marching On – 2023

New products and a short review and look forward.

Wow, 2023 is (just about 1/4) of the way through.  That means SPRING is coming to those of us in the northern hemisphere.  I am sure us flyers are looking forward to getting outside.  This year has been pretty busy for me already.  Three months in and I have built FIVE models already – and I have a 6th model ready to cut and build.

The weather was (almost) nice this week and therefore I had a chance to test fly two of those new models.

First up:  Pres Bruning’s Ayres Loadmaster Peanut.  Pres is an artist and his plans are artwork.  I am sure everyone has admired them repeatedly.  When the FAC announced they would be having a Pres Bruning Mass Launch (for any of his designs), I just had to build one.  I chose the Loadmaster.  Please read about my build HERE – there is a lot more than on this page. Find the Short Kit HERE.

And you can watch my test flight video here:


Secondly, I was “challenged” (well, I challenged myself) when a customer asked if I had a Free Flight version of the Ugly Stick.  For those of you who are Pure of Heart and have never been tainted by the street-walking attractions of radio control, the Ugly Stick is an ever-popular bastardization of the Fokker Eindecker.  It has been built is virtually all rc sizes and is a sport plane (not at all Scale) for those fun days at the rc flying field.

At first I was taken aback – I don’t do rc – and besides, there is no “category” for such a model.  Then I got to thinking…I could make this fit into Embryo.  So I did.  I am providing Dural-style 3D-printed landing gear and over-sized (for Embryo) 3D-printed wheels.  To “punish” you for wanting a rc replica, I eliminated the wheel pants, cabin/cockpit, and any DT design.  In addition, I am providing balsa parts to build your own 2-stroke replica (that will get you that FAC Embryo 1-point Bonus for exhaust!)

Surprisingly, this model might just be a great flyer!  Find the Short Kit HERE.

Here’s a video:

March 2023…  I looked at the calendar and said, “well, April 1st will be 10 years since I started this business”.  But I was wrong.  I took over Shorty’s Basement and started selling products under that name on April 1st, 2012.  That means 10 years has come and gone and we are starting on our 11th year in business.

Things have changed a lot (including the name).  Most of the product line has changed.  Superior Props has been added.  And I no longer sell kits from other manufacturers.  But I have produced 120 different kits of my own and sold nearly 6,000 of them.  Building and flying is what I love and the kits are a by-product of that.

Speaking of Superior Props, a change is coming there, too.  My dad, who turned 84 this year, and has been widowed for 3 years, has decided to move on to a different setting:  the Netherlands.  He has been spending nearly half of the year, in short segments, over there for the last 2 years or so.  Now he has applied for a resident’s visa and expects to move over there on a more permanent basis.  As a result, we are looking to move the Prop Machine to a friend’s house so that my dad will no longer be saddled with having to make props for me.  This should be accomplished some time this spring, hopefully before summer.  But keep in mind, there may be shortages or downtime on the Superior Props product line.

I do have stock-on-hand for nominal-sized Freewheelers, Gollywock props, and some Old Timer Freewheelers.  I also have one or two of some of the more popular Old Timer Folders, but most of those are made to order.  Just keep that in mind as we transition.

Onward and upward, everyone – much like that Ugly Stick I built – but try to stay out of the trees!



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2 Responses to Marching On – 2023

  1. jhall1964 says:

    Had to have the Stik embryo! My first 4-channel r/c plane was the Midwest Sweet Stik. Of course I modified the design on mine and changed the vertical stab and rudder. Also moved the stabilizer up into the fuselage for better retention. Thing flew NICE I think I also changes the ailerons also. Been years! Thanks George for the neat kit!

  2. LR says:

    There was a Flying Models plan of a peanut Ugly Stick. This led me to thoughts of, say, an accurate Curare peanut. Or Junior Skylark, Astro Hog, Sig Kadet, etc. However, I think of at least 1,000 times as many projects as I ever build.

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