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NEW PRODUCTS – Dimer and T-shirt

I out-smarted myself.  I posted that the Mauboussin Hemiptere was ready to buy – and so it was.  But a customer pointed out he couldn’t find it on the site.  That’s because it wasn’t there! NOW IT IS!  Find the … Continue reading

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The Passing of…a Stone

(note – there is “some” modeling content below, but mostly this is a reflection) Well, that’s over.  About 2pm local time yesterday, this popped out. It is a distinctly different shape that #1, which is interesting in a scientific sort … Continue reading

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Where have you been, George Bredehoft?

~or~ WHY IS MY STUFF LATE THIS TIME???? Today is Day Five. At 1am Saturday morning, I was awakened with severe pain in my right kidney.  Having been through this 15 years ago, I knew it was a kidney stone.  … Continue reading

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