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Customer Photos – EKW C-3603

About a year ago, I received an inquiry from a potential customer.  This customer wanted SIX of my EKW C-3603 Short Kits.  That was unusual enough, but to add to the experience, the customer was in Switzerland (the EKW is … Continue reading


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NEW PRODUCT – Tweety Pup Embryo Short Kit

Before I took my 12-year-break, I flew with all the old-school Cloudbusters from the 80s and 90s.  One of those was Don Campell and this is his 1997 design, the Tweety Pup.  Ever since I drew up Don’s Tomahawk Embryo, … Continue reading


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A Sentimental Journey to Dayton, Ohio

A LONG write-up about a small contest. Saturday, I went to an FAC Contest.  The McCook Field* Squadron, #5 in the FAC lore, is a low-key group of flyers that has been around since the beginning, thanks primarily to Frank … Continue reading


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NEW PRODUCT – Cessna Bird Dog Dime Short Kit

FIVE DAY BUILD!  I call this the “ULTIMATE” Dime Scale model.  Why is it the “ultimate”; it is not large in wing area, motor length or any other measurement?  Well, the full scale Cessna 305 was flown on December 14th, … Continue reading


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