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Crocket Hooks

I finally got around to getting a supply of Crocket Hooks.  This will help transfer your motor from the winder to the prop shaft, and help keep the rubber from climbing the shaft.  I have what I call three sizes:  … Continue reading

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Ikara Indoor Props

I just received a batch of Ikara indoor props today in the mail.  These are very light and I am supplying the mounting ring in addition to the pre-assembled prop shaft.  6″ and 12″ available.  2,011 total views

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A New Color of Esaki Tissue

I now have a supply of a new color of tissue from Esaki.  They call it “Sky” blue; to me, it looks more like turquoise.  Here is a picture of it next to the traditional Esaki blue.  Also, you might … Continue reading

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Busy Saturday Morning

It’s been a busy Saturday morning!  Thank you to all my customers that make this happen.  –george  1,349 total views

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