More New Props!

I got another shipment from the Prop Factory.  The one shown here was an excess that I decided to finish up.  It’s a 6″ diameter 3-blade.

In addition, we have been taking custom orders and making some new propellers.  Based on customer requests, here is a list of new propellers made to the specs on the original plans:

OT Folders:  Ace Whitman Sky Rider – 11″, CB Models’ Yardstick (mini-Gollywock) – 9″

OT 2-blade Freewheelers:  Jimmie Allen Skokie – 10″,  Keil Kraft Competitor – 12″, Stahl High Climber – 12″, Stahl Hurricane – 12″

OT FWs in the works:  Flying Elevator (Victory Model) – 5″, Korda Victory 10″ and 11″

I am trying to find the prop specifics for all Jimmie Allen models, but am having trouble finding original prop specs.  If you can help or if you have a need for a prop that is not on our list on the site, just send me an email with the prop dimensions (or a scan of the plan) and we will make up some for you!

6" 3-blade finished

6″ 3-blade finished

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  1. Jim Muther says:

    Nice to see someone making props for those of us who haven’t learned to carve one !!!

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