New Product – Plug-n-Play Counter for the Rees ScaleWinder

Customers have often asked me if I sell a counter to go along with the Rees Winder.  I have had to answer with a “yes…but…”  The counters I have had require a lot of work on the customer’s part; including dis-assembly of the winder itself.

Now, after much thinking, 4 prototypes, and over 60 hours of design and development, I have created a product that any modeler can install in under 5 minutes (how long does a drop of CA take to set up?)   There are two steps:  glue a small magnet to the large gear – and – slip the counter into the winder.  That’s it!

Each item is hand made of durable, laser-cut, 1/32″ birch plywood.  The counter itself counts INPUT turns, so since the winder is a 10:1 winder, simply add a zero (or multiply the value x 10) and you have your turns on the motor.  Each until takes approximately 2 hours to assemble – I do the work to make it easy for you.

They are available now in the basement – look under Rubber, etc / Winders & Accessories.  $30 each, complete with illustrated instructions for installation and battery replacement.

Now, get crankin’!

VPS Counter for the Rees Winder

VPS Counter for the Rees Winder

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