It’s been about a year since I ran out of material for Blast Tubes.  Now I have sourced a better type of tubing.  We are back to the original thin-wall (0.012″) tubing which makes the product lighter and more flexible.

I have added reflective tape to both ends of each tube.  And, of course, the extraction hooks still come with yarn.  Both of these details increase visibility or the items when they are laying in the grass at the flying field!

The set of 3 is comprised of tubes of the following dimensions:  13/16″ diameter x 20″ long, 9/16″ diameter x 16″ long, and 7/16″ diameter x 12″ long.  These are general sizes meant to fit a wide variety of model planes.

If, however, you have need for exacting dimensions, I can offer custom length Blast Tubes.  These are available in the 13/16″ diameter and the 9/16″ diameter up to 36″ long.

Find these under “Accessories/Miscellaneous” or “Rubber…/Winders…”

set of three Blast Tubes

set of three Blast Tubes

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