Last Prep This Year for Muncie

This weekend is the Ted Dock Memorial FAC contest in Muncie, IN.  I love flying at Muncie because of the 2-mile square AMA National site.  “Most” of the time, that’s big enough to keep the planes on the field.

I’ve been meaning to build a new NoCal for a year and a half, but I had my trusty and dependable P-39 left over from years ago.  It was built in 1995 and even won me 3 events in the last year and a half – so why replace it?  Well, the domestic tissue finally started to crumble and the plane suffered more damage at Geneseo than could be repaired.  So I taped it together and put it on the shelf.

So, I planned to build a NoCal, but contests keep coming!  I dug out my last viable old plane, my Ohka.  It is even older (1993) but not very reliable.  But it eked out two more NoCal wins in the last couple of months.  But I need something that won’t break in a mild gust.

Tonight, I finally built that New NoCal.  Here is my new Bf109e, slapped together in a few hours tonight.  It weighs about 8.5g for the 42 square inches – I purposefully made it beefy.Tomorrow, I will pack it up and head down to Muncie for the last FAC contest at the great site this year.  With any luck, I will be competitive!

bf190e NoCal - 8.5g w/o rubber

bf190e NoCal – 8.5g w/o rubber

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