Modeling Pics of the Day: Tom Norell’s Dime Scale Martin MO-1

I really enjoy receiving reports and photos from customers showing the models they have built from my kits.  As I have said before, I try to provide products that can be successful and when I get a report like this, it shows me how modelers can exceed all of my expectations.

Tom Norell lives in Colorado and I understand he has returned to modeling after a long absence.  Reports have it that he is dominating at the FAC Eaglerock Squadron‘s indoor contests.  Recently, he purchased one of my Martin MO-1 Dime Scale kits.

Here is the text he sent along with the photos:

It built up real nice and only needed two small adjustments to fly right off the board. A little downthrust and a small pea of clay on the nose.  AUW came in at 6.9g without rubber, I think Don Deloach’s came in a little over 10g. I also created my own tissue files and am real pleased with the final product.

I’ve flown it on three occasions so far. A few quick trim flights at our local gym (25′). The annual Pikes Peak Ceiling Climb (35′) where it came in second to David Aronstein (another Free Flight legend!  –geo.) by only a few seconds. And last weekend at the EAA Family Flight Fest in Oshkosh (37′) where it was VICTORIOUS! It still needs a bit more work on rubber selection, but it’s not too far off. It’s a consistent 90+ seconds and I think it has about another 15-20 seconds more in it. It has one of your red (painted silver) 6″ Igra props on it and it is a perfect match with a 15″ loop of .065″ Super Sport.

I’ve attached a few pictures of the finished product, feel free to use them as you wish, just give credit to Connor Madison, the EAA staff photographer.

6.9 grams and 90+ seconds on a loop of 0.065″ rubber?  OUTSTANDING!  And look at the detail on his printed tissue!

So here are Connor Madison’s nice photos of Tom’s exquisite Martin MO-1 Dimer (click for large versions).  Thanks, Tom!

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  1. jim buxton says:

    Saw it fly (actually it is in my living room currently, but in a box…) and it is a really beautiful build that flies even better. Great job to the kitter and the builder both!

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