New Sales Site is OPERATIONAL!

I have the new sales site functional.  I have tested the shopping cart and checkout.  Payments can be made either with PayPal or with a credit card (no PayPal account necessary).  Or you can select the Cash/Check option and mail in your payment.

All existing users of the old site will need to reset their passwords one time.  I imported all user accounts, but passwords did not transfer.  I have created a document that illustrates how to reset your password –  there is a prominent link to the document on the new site.  If you use your existing account, please remember to verify all of your account settings and contact information.

We will run parallel operations for a period of time, just to be sure all is working.  Please contact me if you have any suggestions or issues.

Access the new site by the BUY STUFF link above or the Volare Products – Shorty’s Basement link on the right side.

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