24 Days Later…

No, this isn’t a zombie story…or maybe…

Back in Mid April, I wrote about my Peanut Tailwind that got caught in a tree.  Near the end of the long post, I said: “At least I can go visit its final resting place.”  Indeed, I went by the tree nearly every day.  We’ve had violent winds, thunderstorms, beautiful days, and even an earthquake (yes, in Michigan!) – and the plane remained stuck in the tree (except for one wing panel which had blown down about a week after).

Well, today, I dragged my dogs out there and looked up – the plane was not there!  So I started looking on the pine-needle covered ground…nothing.  It took a couple minutes, but then I saw it – it was now about 10 feet up and just sitting on a branch.  I got a stick and coaxed it loose and it fell right to the ground.  Another quick search located the noseblock and prop.

The model is really iin pretty good shape – the tissue suffered the most.  Red Esaki is notorious (to me) for fading.  Well 3-plus weeks of sun and rain really drained the color.  There are also loose and missing patches of tissue.

Now…what to do.  Well, for me, the choice is clear:  repair and recover.  This wouldn’t be too hard of a job if it weren’t for those tissue stripes – AND the gold letters.  ~sigh~  Those letters were a pain to install.  I am not good at lettering and these were particularly troublesome the first time around.  So, do I leave as much of the original tissue as I can and recolor it – or do I strip it completely and start fresh, including new stripes and letters?

Stay tuned…


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