New Year – New Kit: Chambermaid NoCal

Between Work, Holidays, and Inventory, I’ve been able to finish up the details on the latest kit:  a Chambermaid NoCal SHORT KIT for outdoor flying.  This was based on Bernard Guest’s Dime Scale (one of our best-selling kits) but required drawing a new plan and new laser-cut parts.

For $10 you get a 13″x19″ plan and two laser-cut sheets of 1/16″ balsa; you supply the stick wood, the prop, hardware, and rubber. Winn Moore and I have built four of these.  Mine have weighed 16 and 14 grams; at least one of Winn’s weighs 9 grams.  My prototype flew OOS on its third official flight (over 6 minutes up and away) and won the NoCal event this fall.

With about 67 square inches of wing area, this produces less than 0.25 grams per square inch wing loading – wonderfully light for Outdoor Flying.  You might even think about putting a DT on this one!

Click CHAMBERMAID NoCal to go to the item in the Basement.

Here are some images:

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