Laser Cutting the Volare Products Kits

I had a visitor yesterday; John Jackson from the Cloudbusters.  As I gave him a quick and dirty (the shop is a terrible mess) tour, he was very interested to see the laser cutter in action.  I gave him a show and he suggested that I post a video online.  Good idea.

Below is a 5-minute video of my laser cutter in action.  It highlights the Phantom Flash kit that I produce, but is fully representative of all the kits that I do.  Just to be clear, EVERY Volare Products Laser Cut kit is done right here on this machine.  I do every one; I do not farm out the work.  In fact, not only do I cut all the parts, but I have to draw all the plans and parts in CAD before I can ever cut a single part.  Whether it is my own design, someone else’s design that I am producing, or an Old Timer that I am reproducing, I have to draw or trace every plan and part.

In addition, to date, there has not  been a single Volare Products kit produced that has not been built and tested for fit and accuracy before being offered for sale.  This fits right in with a position I took when I first started selling my own plans over 20 years ago:  all planes have been built and tested and flown for, at least, the Flying Aces Club minimum flight time of 20 seconds.  I don’t want to offer something for sale that can’t be used as intended – that is, flying.

Here is the video, in actual speed.

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2 Responses to Laser Cutting the Volare Products Kits

  1. Alan Abriss says:

    Very cool George. Sorta like the way I produce my videos, one at time 🙂

  2. Robert Porter says:


    Thanks for showing us how your laser cuts the parts for your models. I can appreciate how much time it takes to design the CAD program for the laser to do its job.

    Please put me on your product mailing list.

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