Last 2014 Muncie Contest – NoCal

My latest NoCal, a Chambermaid, was a rush build before the FAC Outdoor Champs two weeks ago.  The weather was crappy then and I didn’t get a chance to give it much more than a couple of test flights; I don’t think I even got an official on it.  Well, I tested it on Friday this weekend and decided to switch from the blue 6″ prop to a silver 7″ prop.  Saturday was beautiful and after the fog and dew burned off, there were thermals in the air.  I got progressively longer flights until the third official hooked a big one.  For quite a while my NoCal and Ted Allebone’s Double Feature were right there together in the same bubble.  Right after it got on the elevator up, I noticed that you could see the occasional soybean leaf fluttering down from on high.  It was a real trash mover.  After 6 minutes, I gave up trying to follow the little model as it specked out.  The 8 minutes (total of three flights) was more than enough to win NoCal.  Here is a photo of me launching one of the Friday test flights, courtesy of Mark Rzadka.

me and my Chambermaid NoCal

me and my Chambermaid NoCal

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