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BACK IN STOCK! - Gizmo Geezer Prop Assemblies!

NEW PRODUCT! - Boehm Freewheel Clutch!

NEW PRODUCT! - NoCal Ju-87D STUKA Short Kit!

29 Oct - Product Update Products Removed - Temporary?

Due to the nature of the very-small-businesses that provide our hobby, I have had to remove some products from my catalog. My hope is that this is temporary. The following have been removed due to supply and or/production issues with my suppliers:

Peck Small 0.032" Nose Buttons (white)
Peck Small 0.047" Nose Buttons (black)
Peck Large 0.047" Nose Buttons (white)
Peck 0.032" prop shafts
Peck 0.047" prop shafts
FAI-Munson BUTTON DT Timers

11 Oct - New Blog Post A New Embryo and Other Progress

NEW PRODUCT! - Peanut Scale T.E.A.M. Hi-Max Short Kit!