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New Ikara Indoor Props – #SciOly ?

I forgot I bought these this summer – never got them online until tonight.  These might be good for Science Olympiad or NoCal flyers – or who knows what other Indoor categories? I believe I now have all of the … Continue reading

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FOR SALE – “Experimental” Prop

In the last batch of prop blanks from the Prop Factory (my dad), I received a couple of blanks that were strange in appearance.  The pitch was as advertised but the block layout was shifted (due to an error in … Continue reading

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Customer Photos! – Roy Courtney

Long time flying friend, Roy Courtney, sent in two photos of some of his Volare Products Embryos. Here is his Big Cat And here is his Durham Mystery Both should be great flyers – Thanks Roy! If you would like … Continue reading

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The Winds of November

Here is my “fortune” from fried rice last night…     Expanding my business – ask my son:  that is on my mind every day.  But these past couple of days shows just how fragile a one-man shop really is.  … Continue reading

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Making Balloon Wheels

My Comper Swift needs wheels.  So, I figured I would just make some nice balloon wheels that matched the photos of the subject being modeled. Here are the steps I took to make the wheels form some very light 1/16″ … Continue reading

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November Nuggets – Two New Programs!

I am going to try some new awareness campaigns starting in November. Program #1 – Builder Photos. Please send in photos of your completed Volare Products Kits or Superior Props. We know how good they are, but why take our … Continue reading

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