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VIDEO – the Biggest Phantom Flash You Ever Saw!

Over the winter, FAC Columnist, Vance Gilbert, proposed a new just-for-fun class of FAC flying for the non-Nats – MEGA Scale.  He defined that as greater than Giant (48″ monoplanes) and targeting 54″ span.  I like big planes, I’ve built … Continue reading

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Free Flight into the Future

I just returned from 5 days of Flying Aces Club fun at the “non-Nats” (the FAC has a “Nationals” level contest every two years, however, they have a large contest yearly – alternate years are call the “non-Nats”).  This year … Continue reading

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FAC Non-Nats – Day 1

This long day started out with a drizzle, but ended in perfection.  Today was the judging of planes (and selling for us vendors). Jack and I had to scramble to get all of our planes logged to fly and then … Continue reading

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2015 FAC Non-Nats – It’s Time!

Well, it’s 6:30 in the morning and I am still not packed.  There is product to load up, laundry in the dryer, and a few other things still left to do.  But it’s just an hour or two before we … Continue reading

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