NEW PRODUCT – Ohka NoCal Short Kit

One of my long-promised short kits, I finally got this package finished.  It is based on my old NoCal plan, but I have redrawn it and re-engineered it for laser cutting.  As with all my NoCals, this is designed for outdoor flying.  This long fused plane creates a NoCal with about 60 square inches of wing area.  With the long nose, you want to keep that prop light, but once trimmed, this should give long flights.  We recommend a 6″ prop and a loop 3/32″ rubber to start out with.  Special thanks to Oliver Sand for building the kit prototype.  Remember, a “short kit” provides the plan and laser cut parts; you supply the stick wood and hardware.

Find this and all my kits by clicking HERE


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JUST IN!!! The NEW Gizmo Geezer Nose Buttons!

You’ve heard rumors (maybe even from me!) but now you can see the real thing.  I just took shipment of a large batch of the latest version of the famous and popular Gizmo Geezer Nose Button with Adjustable Thrust.  Now it includes your choice of prop shaft size!

Since the user has a choice, the user will also have to do the minor final assembly.  The shaft size is determined by a bushing that must be installed right before screwing the front assembly into the back plate.  (Instructions included.)

Once assembled, they are used in the same way as the old design.  No dimension has changed (excepting the prop shaft size).



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NEW PRODUCT! – Stout 2-AT Scale Short Kit

Finally, I have the Stout kit online.  We included this kit in the 2015 FAC Outdoor Champs registration packet – and 48 people received them.  This is the One-Design for next year’s contest.  If you weren’t there or just want another, now they are available in the Basement.  Thanks to Cloudbusters Jack Moses, Mike Welshans, and Winn Moore for help in the prototyping stage.  And thanks to Stu Weckerly for inspiration and years of friendship.

This 18″ span Short Kit includes 3 sheets of laser cut parts and a plan sheet, plus the story of the Stout 2-AT Air Pullman and a little bit about Stu.  And beyond the One-Design, this qualifies for FAC Scale and FAC Golden Age Monoplane.

Hop on over to the Basement and order yours today; it’s only 10 bucks:  SHOP HERE

There is also a link above in the Gallery – I have collected over 40 images for you to use as documentation.


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Back in Stock! 1/4″ Rubber!!!!

You asked for it; FAI is now making 1/4″ rubber again!  NEW AND FRESH!!!  The smallest box they offer (and the only size I carry) is 1 pound boxes.  I took a bunch of these to the Outdoor Champs a couple weeks ago and sold out!.  I have more on hand now.

Also, all other sizes of rubber are re-stocked and Crocket Hooks, too.  And in the mail on their way to me are re-supplies of CA glues and a huge lot of the NEW Gizmo Geezer Nose Bearing kits!

More to come!


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Summary: 2015 FAC Outdoor Champs

Jack and I went down to Muncie on Wednesday afternoon.  We left Battle Creek around 12:30 and arrived about 3:45.  We were very surprised to see so many people already there!  We had anticipated about 50 registered contestants (48 was the final tally) and about half of those seemed to be on the field for a beautiful afternoon and evening of flying.

I love going to the AMA flying site: it’s a huge site for FAC events, it’s relatively close, and when we get a lot of people, it’s a really fun time.  I attend four contests a year in Muncie and the FAC Outdoor Champs is the biggest.  After checking the flight schedule for Thursday and Friday, I figured I could sell and fly on both days, since I only had to log flights in 4-5 events each day.  And the flyers barely let me get started to test on Wednesday before they were handing me money (to trade for product!)  Sales went well thought the contest;  thank you to all of my customers.

I thought had just a glimmer of hope in NoCal.  At Geneseo, in July, I had put up a very respectable series of flights and was sitting in first place – until Wally Farrell came along and lost his model on a 9+minute single flight.  NoCal is the total of three flights with no max flight time (the only FAC event with no max).  His single flight time just beat me and I had to settle for 2nd.  My hopes were that his new NoCal would not beat me this time.  I again put up some respectable times in the morning and thought maybe the winds picking up might keep my scores in #2.  In the middle of the day, wally had logged flights – and they were lower than mine!  But by the end of the day, he had a different model top my scores and so did Mark Rzadka, so I settled for 3rd.  Wally beat me again!

I like to compete, but in unexpected ways.  Currently, I fly Old Time Fuselage with a Pacific Ace Junior – not a regular Pacific Ace, but the little-know Junior.  This is a 15″ span model that really looks like a Peanut sized plane.  It is so small that it cannot fit into Embryo class.  I’ve had it for 3 years or so and finally figured out how to make it fly.  I’ve even been told that it can’t win.  Well, my second and third flights were maxes with the last being over 5 minutes and me losing track of the model.  I found two other lost models while searching, but couldn’t find mine.  I think I ended up in 4th or 5th with the little plane.  Someone DID find it Friday – after the heavy rains came through.


My other big story involved my venerable Goodyear racer, the Falcon Special II.  I designed and built this under the direction of Russ Brown in 1998 or 99 for publication in his Crosswinds newsletter.  It did very well for me in 1999, earning 5 kanones.  It was one of the planes that survived my lengthy hiatus and even one another kanone in 2012 – when it flew into a bean field and a found it by stepping on its wing.  Since then it has been like an old favorite dog that shows flashes of its old self, but you just don’t have the heart to put it down.  Thursday night, I tried a test flight so that I would be ready for the race on Friday.  Well, the model rolled right and nearly broke off a wing.  With the field repair, the thing is really suffering now.

I think there were 10 of us for the race!  I made it through the first round easily; even Jack commented how well the plane was flying.  In the second round, I survived, but the performance wasn’t the same.  Before winding for the third round, I checked the motor – there was a big nick in the motor by the prop shaft.  I decided to try to nurse the motor through the winding.  I slowly wound, trying to ease in turns, until the strand snapped.  Since I was going slowly, only the one strand broke, with its ends captivated by the knotted motor.  I immediately stopped with the winder and put the prop on and started doing the old 1:1 ratio winder, turning the prop slowly and carefully.  If I could just get a few more turns in, maybe some other hapless pilot would dork in before I fluttered to the ground.   After several turns, Jack says “it’s getting kinda tight!” – well, it popped.

Now I had a choice:  Let the other three pilots fly without me or just give my model a hearty toss and hope for the best.  Tom Hallman captured the moment of launch for the four of us (that’s me closest to the camera).  My tail heavy model did a large figure 9 into the ground – and a second later Jack Tisinai’s Hot Canary went in!  If I had only stopped hand winding, I would have got third place!

A Mighty Leap-s

The last (short) story:  I am very happy to have placed second in Peanut.  My no-bonus-point Barracuda could not catch Tom Hallman and his 30 bonus point Bleriot. But I was able to get a better score than Wally Farrell and his Floyd Bean – and he maxed!  Placing between these two is not an easy task!

Overall, it was a wonderful contest, the last big one of the year.  I had a great time with friends and realized that I have a bit of a Zen attitude about flying – whatever happens, happens.  As my flying buddy, Chris Boehm says, “a day flying is better than a day without flying!”

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Customer Appreciation at the FAC Outdoor Champs

We are going to say “thank you” to our loyal customers for helping us grow our business and helping us help you.  If you attend the FAC Outdoor Champs tomorrow (Thursday, 17 Sept 2015), stop by our tent area and have a free jumbo hot dog on us!

Hot Dog

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Prepping for the FAC Outdoor Champs

The photo here is the 48 Stout 2-AT Short Kits that I have ready for the 2015 Outdoor Champs.  These are part of the registration package for contestants.  Every registered contestant gets one of these short kit at no extra charge.  This model/kit was selected to be the FAC One Design model for 2016.  Come to the Outdoor Champs (17-18 Sept at Muncie) and get yours first!

Yesterday was a big work day here at the VPS Model Factory and Sales Outlet.  I packed up another 10 or so packages and got them in the mail before the holiday weekend – that makes about 30 packages shipped this week.  That keeps me hoppin’.

I also started to replenish some of my short kits.  I can run the laser cutter while packing, so that’s where it started.  I bagged up about 40+ short kits and cut probably 30 of those, maybe more.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I literally worked from 8am to 8pm, as I was the only one home.

Now, I need to see if I can squeeze in some time to repair some planes – maybe even build a new one for the event!  See you there!


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New Product! Scientific Bantam Short Kit

Here is a new OT Fuselage and 2 Bit + 1 Short Kit – the Bantam, originally by the Scientific Model Company.  Originally kitted in 1941, the fuselage is all 1/16″ square sticks – simple and light.  The only serious issue we found with the plan  was 0-0 degrees decalage between the wing and tail.  I have modified this area on the plan and added a couple other areas of reinforcement.

The Short Kit contains two new 11″x17″ plan sheets, traced from the original plans and two sheets of laser-cut pieces cut from 1/16″ balsa.

Here is a photo of my son, Jack, test flying the model he built from the prototype kit this summer.

As with all our Short Kits, the price is only $10 plus shipping.  Head on over to the Basement to get yours!

Jack Bredehoft test flying his Bantam

Volare Products Bantam Short Kit


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More New Products!

Gollywock Laser Cut Kit, Jabberwock Laser Cut Kit, Gizmo Geezer Nose Buttons and Nose Block Kit, Extra Keen Razor Blades

Retro R/C has reworked the Campbell’s Kits for the Gollywock and Jabberwock.  These are FULL kits with NEW laser-cut parts.

I have a stock of Gizmo Geezer Nose Buttons again and now is a great time to introduce a laser-cut nose block kit that I am making.  It comes with the nose button hole pre-cut and a piece of 1/64 play for added strength.  These can be made to custom sizes, too.

George White from Florida often advises me on specific items to carry.  He recommended the Extra Keen single edge razor blades and I finally am carrying them.  George wasn’t the only one to tell me these are the best single edged blades and the only ones I should be carrying.

As always, I’m finishing up some new Short Kits and other products are on the way!

Campbell’s Gollywock kit, now laser cut by Retro R/C

Campbell’s Jabberwock kit, now laser-cut by Retro R/C


Volare Products laser cut Gizmo Geezer Nose Block Kit



Extra Keen Single Edged Blades

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New Product – 18.5″ Stout 2-AT Short Kit

Volare Products, in conjunction with the Cloudbusters Club, is proud to announce our latest short kit, the Stout 2-AT Air Pullman in an 18.5″ wingspan.  This package was designed as a tribute to long-time modeler and Cloudbuster, Stu Weckerly; he designed one of these and campaigned it in the late 1990s.

This short kit is featured as the Flying Aces Club 2016 One-Design model and, as such, it will be included in every registration package for the 2015 FAC Outdoor Champs being held in Muncie this September.  Every registration will include the plan AND laser cut parts.  Models built from the plan and kit will be eligible for the One-Design events at the 2016 FAC Nats and the 2016 FAC Outdoor Champs.  Of course, the model will also be eligible for other FAC events, such as FAC Scale and Golden Age Monoplane.

The short kit includes a one-sheet (13″x19″) plan, three sheets of laser-cut parts (well over 50 parts), and an information sheet covering the histories of the model and the original aircraft.  In addition, a URL hyperlink is provided to an image archive of over 40 images for use as reference and documentation – and printable graphics files for printing tissue.

While the short kit is ready now, it will not be available to the public until after the 2015 FAC Outdoor Champs, September 17 & 18.  So, receive your kit first by attending the contest!  After that date, it will be available from Volare Products for $10 a kit, plus shipping.


Stout prototype models by Jack Moses and Mike Welshans


The Short Kit and Plan


Mike Welshans flying his model at Geneseo

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